About this area of volunteering

Graphic Design

In today’s emerging world, a graphical representation of any content is one of the most effective way of sharing ideas and inviting people to join hands. All your creative skills can be put onto the job to achieve the desired goal.

Essential Skills

  • Conceptualize, develop, design and produce engaging and compelling designs (concepts, images, layouts, etc) for books, publications, media, Sanathana Vani, e-communication and service activities in desired formats.
  • Signage Designs, logo/icon design, infographics, website graphics in print and digital platforms.
  • Proficiency in Adobe suite of tools including Illustrator, Photoshop & InDesign

Level of commitment required

Long term volunteers: Minimum 2-5 hours a week.
Project based volunteers: Minimum 10-20 hours on a single project.

Qualifications required

Proficiency in graphic design tools and applications.

Volunteer Profile

Nadya Yokoyama, Japan

Design Strategist

I feel tremendously blessed and happy, that I could use my skills or ability whatever I have, for Swami, which I’m sure that it’s also just temporarily given to this body by Him only, to be His instrument.

My volunteer work gives me the chance to immerse myself in Swami’s discourses, paying rapt attention to each and every word of Swami. It automatically forces me to understand Swami’s words more deeply and to be more focused on the Divine always.

And the more work I do in this team, the more I feel that the work is not being done by me, but by Swami only.Previously, I always prefered to work alone rather than in a team. But being in this wonderful team which has been handpicked by Swami Himself from many parts of the globe, has definitely given me the experience of the joy of working in a team.