About this area of volunteering

Sanskrit Content Work

To convey the meaning behind the most beautiful and ancient language of Sanskrit while preserving its richness and sanctity, is a challenging but, indescribably rewarding task. If you think this challenge resonates within your soul, this opportunity is for you.

Essential Skills

  • Interested in working deeply with Swami’s divine discourses.
  • Particular about the structure and rules of Sanskrit grammar.
  • Equally proficient in English.
  • Able to adapt and comply with the provided transliteration guidelines.
  • Possesses an eagle eye for detail.
  • Skilled in time management and punctual with deadlines.
  • Able to commit time to urgent tasks that may arise.

Level of commitment required

Minimum 2-5 hours a week.

Qualifications required

Proficiency in the Sanskrit language.

Volunteer Profile

Sriraag Balaji Srinivasan, Australia

Medical Doctor

Earlier this year for some unknown reason, Swami was compassionate enough to give me an opportunity to serve Him in the Sanskrit team for the Master the Mind series. Well, to say that I have never been part of something like this in this life would be an understatement…surely, this is a culmination of the prayers of several lifetimes. Delving deep into Swami’s discourses, every day (sometimes all night!) for hours on end, searching for sources of Sanskrit verses that Swami quoted, resulted in a massive shift, to the extent that almost every word of Swami in the discourses was now taken as a personal instruction. With Swami’s grace, the mind began to become clear of dirt and free from the ripples of thought as the instructions were followed. Finally it makes sense, this seva was only an excuse…all Swami wanted was internal transformation. Am ever grateful for this opportunity while also remaining ever hopeful that Swami will continue to hold our hands and even drag us if necessary (!), to make sure we transform into Divine.