About this area of volunteering

Social Media Management

The central purpose of this position is to fill the internet with upbeat and inspiring content with the aim of steering society towards happiness and harmony.

Essential Skills

  • Focusing on strategic, out-of-the-box, creative thinking to produce highly impactful and engaging social media campaigns.
  • Working closely with both the Project and Communications teams to develop social awareness strategies and campaigns.
  • Being adept across major social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram & other popular apps.
  • Being the in-house expert on everything related to social media and staying on top of latest trends and technologies.
  • Handling online reputation management and social listening for the organisation.
  • Effectively responding to customer feedback and mentions on social media.
  • Being the thought leader in social analytics and data processing.
  • Host outside events such as community events and competitions.

Level of commitment required

Minimum 1-4 hours a week.

Qualifications required