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Could You tell us something about the spiritual changes that are happening during this period?

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Public Satsang at Torino, Italy- 16th April 2015

Swami: What you see outside is just a reflection of what you are inside. If you are Divine, you will see everything as Divine. If you are human, you will see everything as human. A sick person is always angry with everyone. Because he is sad and angry, he receives sadness and anger from others. The moment his sickness is cured, he becomes happy and sees everyone as happy.

Therefore, when you change yourself, the entire world is going to change. It all starts from within.

I am now preaching that each one must realize their Divinity. In times to come, the Divinity inside will start rising and many people around the world will preach the truth that all are One. Those who cannot understand this truth will perish, just as some plants perish when the seasons change. Those who follow the path of dharma, will be protected by dharma. In every age, in every time, there were some people who were good and others who were not. It has never happened that the entire world was only full of goodness. Therefore, more and more people will become better, become spiritual, and that is the Golden Age.

As is your vision, so will be the world outside. That which stops you from realizing this is your own ego. Through love and service, once you give up this ego, you will see the entire world as Divine. The time has now come in the history of the world that many spiritual people will start coming up.

We are in a period of transition. Just as day moves into night and night moves into day, the dark night of the Kali Age is coming to an end. However, just as the night is the darkest before the dawn, so there is so much evil at this point in time. Evil will destroy itself as per the laws of Nature, and what will remain will be pure. If you are not prepared for that age, you will not be able to survive there; just as when the seasons change, certain plants don’t survive. Hence, prepare yourself by becoming more pure, more selfless, and more Divine.

Love in action is dharma. Love in speech is truth. Love in understanding is peace. Love in thought is non-violence. It’s just one love which has all the other things inside it. Develop love, selfless love. Not ‘love myself’, ‘serve myself’; love all, serve all.