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Swami, what happens to a person after death?

Public Satsang at Dubai – 25th August 2017 

Swami: Death is like the body that changes clothes. Jeevatma changes bodies. Till it gets another body, it has to wait. The wait is in order to check what one has done till date, how one has led their life. One will attain another body, be born in another family and be taken care of by some other parents, depending on how bad or good one has been in the previous birth. So, death is like changing from old clothes to new clothes, so also from old body to new body. You then continue your journey.

You go from class to home today, and then to the next class. So also, you are born, you die and are again reborn. This journey of birth and death keeps happening. The world is like a classroom; the universe is like a university. Everybody who is born here is born with a purpose – to learn this lesson to know that his true nature is divine. Until he or she learns this lesson, he will come back to the class again and again. Once you learn and pass, you will get your degree; you need not come to class again. You will become one with the Divine and there is no more class for you. If you haven’t learned your ABCDs correctly in primary, how can you pass the entrance exam for the high school? Therefore, what you do today, where you are is extremely important for determining your tomorrow.