Unless we keep the hearts clean, we cannot experience the presence of God, the reflection God in ourselves and in others. The dirt of Ahamkara, dust of Mamakara clouds this reflection and does not allow God to reflect in the hearts properly. All the efforts should be to purify one’s inner self, one’s heart of all the ego and attachments. All these functions like the Sports Meet is not just an external event to celebrate the coming together of several campuses under the umbrella of these institutions. It is an internal transformation process not the external action. All the children and the staff from all campuses have come with great anticipation, great enthusiasm by practicing whatever they had to practice for the event because they all want to dedicate and offer it to Swami without any show or pomp, without any exhibitionism. They just want to do it so that Swami will be happy. They have no other selfish motive behind all that they are practicing and coming. There is only a sense of worship in all the work that they are trying to do. All through the year whatever little dust and dirt gets accumulated in the mirrors of your heart, this one sports meet cleans it, washes it and makes it clear again. Again, they go back pure in their hearts reflecting God in all His glory because they have been freed of all the dust and dirt of all ego, attachments that they might have accumulated over the year.

God always wants to be with His devotees; devotees always want to be with God. That was the only purpose of the creation. Everything else got added on with passage of time. The very reason why I and you exist so that we can stay with each other, we can be with each other and enjoy each other’s proximity. The only purpose of creation for God was to create another like Him so that they can love each other, they can be with each other.

In our institution, we are here only mainly to love each other. Everything else, the studies, the sports, all the things are secondary, they will happen by and by. Keep yourself pure and clean like pure mirrors which will reflect back God. That is My purpose of education. All other things about education is secondary. (The children) should see God within and without everywhere and live in that feeling of God all the time. Then they will always be happy wherever, whichever part of the world they are, whatever be the situation, our children will always be happy because they have found the secret to happiness which is to feel God within, which is to feel God without. And that is possible only with purity of heart. Develop that purity, develop that love.