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What should young people do for Swami?

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Public Satsang at Croatia- 22nd April 2015

Swami: Whether young or old, all have to do the same thing for Swami; transform yourself. Be an example to others. If you practice what Swami is teaching and become an example to others, it is the greatest seva that you can do.

The sun rises every day, and just by rising in the sky, the entire world is taken care of. Trees grow, birds fly, crops grow – everything happens just because the sun rises. If inside you, your Divinity rises like the sun, it will help everyone. If you observe the sun closely, you will learn that it is burning itself away to give light and life to so many.

You go to a church and you light a candle. What is the meaning of the candle? Does God need light? It is you who needs light. The candle only tells you that the only way it glows and removes the darkness is by melting away. Its ego melts away so that the light of love can spread. Therefore, whether young or old, first and foremost, transform yourself. Be willing to sacrifice for the sake of others.

Young people are very selfish. They first think about themselves. They don’t think of others first. In the first place, learn to give selflessly. Trust Me, even if you need something very, very badly, if there is someone else who needs it at that very moment and asks you for it, if you have the courage and love to give it away, Swami will look after you. Swami will take care of all your needs.

Young people should learn giving and forgiving. Forgiveness is a great virtue. Many young people have many misunderstandings. It is natural at their age, but being able to forgive people, and more importantly, forgive yourself and move on in your life, is very important. Mistakes happen. However, if you keep living in your past mistakes, you will never be able to go forward. If you do not repeat it, it is not a mistake. Don’t blame yourself and think yourself as low and weak.

Remember, you are God Himself, in this form. You have all the power, all the strength, and all the purity. Live with that courage and conviction, which alone will give you the heart to give and forgive. It will make you fearless, for you know that God will protect you at all times. Whatever you need, wherever you need, whenever you need, God will provide you. You live for others, and I will take care of you. Set up this example for the others to follow.