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Though we try to see God in everything, and practise unity in diversity, there is always a feeling that duality wins. Could You please help us resolve this predicament?

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Public Satsang at Sai Ananda Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia- 11th August 2017

Swami: The nature of the world is duality. It is natural for water to flow down a slope. To pump water upwards against a slope is difficult. Therefore, to experience diversity, duality or differences, is very natural for one with worldly vision and focus. Everyone heads that way, as that is the easiest thing to do and the easiest way to drift. However, one who wants to swim against that tide towards unity must work harder, taking a stand against the general principals by the vision that you develop as to worldly desires, selfishness, individualities and ego, which force you to observe the differences.

What should happen is that you should hold onto the principles for which you have stood, not giving in to the lower ideas of division, differences and dualities. It is up to you to experience, understand and proceed with these feelings that Swami has spoken about. If you hold on to the truth and dharma, knowing for sure that dharma will protect you, so that you are not harmed, it will see to it that the right thing is done, even if it happens gradually or eventually. Holding on to dharma is very important. If you believe in unity, if you believe in togetherness, then hold on to those feelings and do not give into narrow‐minded, selfish differences that others may preach.

Truly, if you are strong in your conviction, things will change for you. Do not give in too easily to other people’s ways of thinking or pressure. That is why you must stand for your principles and values. Tigrett was saying the same thing. Some start with great idealism, but eventually give in because of peer pressure to fit in, resulting giving up of idealism and enthusiasm, which is not correct. You must be willing to even stand alone, if you are right.

What if others are not with you? Even if you stand alone, being right, you must stay in this way, not turning wrong for the sake of joining the many. That is where you stand apart. Think like Jesus and stick to the principals that Swami teaches. Obviously, sooner or later, you will see the difference – even in your surroundings, even in the people around you.