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Bhagawan, could You please help us understand why You decided to embody Yourself in the Subtle Body at Muddenahalli and not elsewhere?

Would it not have been easier to manifest, for example, in Puttaparthi, where existing infrastructure is already in place?

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Public Satsang at Croatia-22nd April 2015

Swami: Even before asking this question, you must ask yourself another question. Why did Swami come to Puttaparthi, in the first place? Why not in Croatia? Whatever Swami chooses to do, there is a reason behind it. Just as a businessman moves from office to office to increase his business, and does not stay in the same place forever, I travel from place to place to spread this business of love. Give love and get love.

Where an Avatar descends is not decided by the people. It is definitely decided by the Avatar. Just as you may have many children, but you love to stay with those children who are dear to you, or who need your help and guidance more than the others, the Avatar goes to that place where He is needed more than the others.

Puttaparthi was like a primary school, where people from all parts of the world came. Some of them did not even believe in the existence of God. In the primary school, the first lesson I taught was: God exists. Those who did not believe there was God understood, and now believe that God exists.

Muddenahalli is like a high school, where I am teaching: God does not exist outside, not in one place in a particular form, but He exists in each and every person, within them, and it is possible for you to realize this.

In the future, I am going to start a University where, once you graduate from this high school, you must take admission there. That is going to be the Prema Sai University, where the ultimate has to be learned. What is the ultimate? You and I are one. There is no difference.

While you have heard all these things, truly, how many are really experiencing it? You have read all the theory and have got full marks in the theory exams. You can easily quote and misquote Swami wherever you want, but practically, you are yet to pass. This is all practical. This is for those who are not merely here to seek things from Swami, but to know what can be done for Swami. The only thing that you can ever do for Swami is to Love All and Serve All. Therefore, each place and the people around are chosen for a particular purpose.

This time, Swami has chosen to set up His office in a new place, so that that can also be developed. In fact, I just spoke to a small group of devotees yesterday, and I have commanded them – they must also build a small ashram in Croatia, which is a long-standing dream of many devotees. In the future, it will grow into a great place of spiritual power and people from all around the world would come there to seek their own self. Even as the next Avatar, I will visit all these countries, reside in these ashrams, and guide My devotees. All this is the ‘homework’ that is being done for the coming times.

It is a part of My leela. It is a story. It gets interesting as you turn the pages. You are only on the tenth page. So, there are so many questions. I am the author of the book. I know the entire book. For Me, there is nothing like past, present and future. Since I know what the future is going to be, I need to ensure that the present is in line with the future, and that is what I am doing now.