More servants than leaders

We are the message of Baba. Somebody asked Me, “Swami, I want to be a part of Your mission.” I told him, you are the mission; what you do in your life is My mission, what you say in your life is My message. I am very very pleased that we have such leaders in the society who are more servants than leaders, who lead only because they serve. May this country, may the world enjoy such leadership which is born out of servitude.

~ Sadguru Sri Madhusudan Sai (20 November 2019)

Areas of volunteering

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Frequently asked questions

Simply complete the form on the right, and one of our volunteer coordinators will be in contact first via email and then later via a phone conversation or zoom conference to learn more about your skills and interests. If there are any opportunities available, we will certainly provide you with more details for you to start getting involved.

The most important aspect of volunteering is being available. Even if you are only available for a short period a week and are genuinely interested to make the best use of that time, kindly speak to our volunteer coordinators and we will try our best to find an area or a project on which you can be of service.

For most volunteer roles, specific experience and skillsets are important more than formal qualifications. So if you are able to do a certain type of work, even without the formal qualifications, please do get in touch.

Yes, there is a ‘Volunteer Agreement document’ for commitment and confidentiality. You are required to sign on every page of this document.

No, you may volunteer from your place of residence. However, if the work necessitates your presence at Muddenahalli then appropriate arrangements will be made for the same.

Age is no bar as long as you are proficient in your work and can deliver on time.

Please talk to our volunteer coordinator to know more about the same.

In general it is not required but then it also depends on the area where you want to volunteer.

Only if the work is language specific, else no.

Mostly not required however if needed we will let you know beforehand.

Sure! If you are proficient in your chosen areas of interest, you can volunteer in as many areas as you wish to.

There are no fixed timings. You may work as per your convenience as long as the assignments are completed on time.